Disc Filter



  • Easy to install and maintain, best custom essay writing service no tools required for rising.
  • Excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance.
  • Wide range of flow rate.
  • All parts easily available as per customer requirement.
  • We have provided with tail piece flange for flange connection.
Technical Table
MODEL  30 ( 2″) 40 (2.5″) 50 (3″)
Nominal Working Pressure 2 kg/cm2 2 kg/cm2 2 kg/cm2
Maximum Working english essay help online Pressure 6 kg/cm2 6 kg/cm2 6 kg/cm2
Nominal Flow Rate 30 m3/hr (500 ltr/min.) 40 m3/hr (667 ltr/min) 50 m3/hr (834 ltr/min)
Range Of Flow Rate 24 to 40 (m3/hr) 32 to 48 (m3/hr) 40 to 60 (m3/hr)
Filtration Surface 1300 cm2 1300 cm2 1750 cm2
Max Clean Pressure Drop 0.5 kg/cm2 0.5 kg/cm2 0.5 kg/cm2
Disc Element 130 Micron / 120 mesh 130 Micron / 120 mesh 130 Micron / 120 mesh
  • Cleaning of the water must be done when pressure differential across 0.5 kg/cm2.
  • Install the strainer in the main line after sand filter vertically / horizontally. Inlet should be on top side & outlet at the top. Provide proper support to ensure it does not vibrate due to water pressure.
  • Ensure ball valve is fitted before inlet of strainer.
  • Follow closing instructions as at’d’ above.
  • To start the flow opens the flush valve gradually and slowly.
  • Ensure recommended pressure at inlet and slowly.
  • Filter element should be cleaned regularly on time by opening flush and closing outlet.
  • Clean element talking it out flush valve and closing outlet. Clean element talking it out under water tenderly & periodically.
  • Water soluble fertilizer and pesticides should be given through ventury. Strong chemical should not be poured into filter directly as it will affect filter element.

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